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C O A B Discography - Single 23

23rd single:  The Last Days Of Disco

Release Date: 11th July 2011

Track List:

  1. The Last Days Of Disco (4:00)
  2. Blame Problem Kids On Music (3:41)
  3. The Last Days Of Disco (Club Mix) (9:04)
  4. As If Simon Cowell Didn't Exist (3:03)
  5. The Last Days Of Disco (Trancel8r Noise Remix) (3:05)



1 - 5  - Chris Sakes

Background to the single

Here is the first single to be taken from the 11th LP "We Are Electro".

The tracks: -

1. The Last Days Of Disco has nothing to do with Robbie Williams track (No "The" in the title). This is electro pop at its very finest. A hard groove with synth hook lines wedded to a male vocal chanting about how they "bought the last days of disco and then fought the last days of disco". This is soon followed by an alien vocoder line asking when the disco resurrection is going to happen! Groovy!

2. Blame Problem Kids On Music is a track not from the LP and uses 50's news features on kids and gang problem in the U.S. but maybe music was the problem for them back then. Is it now? Does hip-hop or hard rock and heavy metal create the problem kids?

3. The Last Days Of Disco (Club Mix) A club version of the main song using the female chant and a heavier bass line and deeper house groove to develop disco-laden back beat. With a naughty refrain urging people to "trash the disco"! Nine minutes of pure joy!

4. As If Simon Cowell Didn't Exist A definitive hard electro statement that starts that talent is out there no matter whether you need X Factor or name Your Country's Got Talent! A media mogul who is now past his sell by date we ask?

5. The Last Days Of Disco (Trancel8r Noise Remix) Mr Trancel8r steps up to the plate to run riot with a trance-inducing run through the main song shortening by a minute whilst a twisting set of synths jump in and out of the mix. Fidget House anyone? 

The cover is a new York 70's Studio 54 pastiche.

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Buy it as a download from: Noisehead (all tracks - $0.69c)


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