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C O A B Discography - Single 5

5th Single: The Sun Is Shining Bright   Release Date: 4th May 2005

Track List:

  1. The Sun Is Shining Bright: Splash Mix
  2. The Sun Is Shining Bright: NY Dance Mix
  3. The Sun Is Shining Bright: Ease On By Mix
  4. The Sun Is Shining Bright: LP Version
  5. The Sun Is Shining Bright: Gaga Remix
  6. The Sun Is Shining Bright: Shining Trance Mix


Background to single

This was one of the first songs, Chris produced in the early months of recording. This was a light house tune, somewhat akin to a “handbag” tune of lore. A beautiful lilting vocal repeated over an electro house beat and bass-line. This was also the sort of song that lent itself to a number of possible remixes which is why the four variants here are all very different in format.

The first remix, the NY Dance Mix was constructed from some additional New York electro dance samples with a number of changes made to bass line samples to increase this a little. The Ease On By Mix is pure Chicago House. Remember Daryl Pandy? Farley Jackmaster Funk? “Love Cant’ Turn Around”? Okay so perhaps you are little too young for the 80’s! Okay it’s in that style, deep house for deep people.

On the other hand, the Gaga Remix, was barren and just that little bit nutty! Mainly instrumental, it has a life of it’s own at the start with whirling aeroplanes flying in and out until the smooth piano sounds drift in and the vocals strike up with a sweet refrain. The LP version gets a run out as well of course then finally we have The Shining Trance Mix, which throws its hand in with the lighter side of the trance nation. Okay, it’s not quite 165bpm and whistles and claxons, but it has its roots in Euro Trance for sure.

The cover featured the new band symbol which was basically C O A B, mainly because the name was a fairly lengthy thing and also because it seemed much more public spirited, you didn’t have to make the joke name too obvious anymore. The golden coloured cover design with solar picture taken from a travelogue magazine was the foretaste for all the six singles soon to follow and of course the 1st single from “The Beat Conductor”.

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