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Christ On A Bike, The Groove Avengers & Trancel8r - Archive News 2009

December 23rd 2009 - FREE DOWNLOAD! A XMAS SPECIAL - Christ On A Bike demo track for Xmas

A free download demo track "Xmas Alpine Sleigh Ride" has been loaded onto the Downloads page for you to play and download for FREE! The song is reminiscent of the Xmas EP Christ On A Bike released in 2005 and this particular track would form part of a potential five track EP to be released for 2010. To play or download the song, go to: -

Downloads Page

December 15th 2009 - The Groove Avengers release their 3rd LP "A Night At The Club"

"A Night At The Club", is a remixed version of the 2nd LP "A Night At The Town" with the twist that these are all new club versions of the ten tracks from that LP PLUS two brand new tracks only recently recorded by the band during the Autumn. The extra tracks are "Pull Me Closer" recently released as single and "Dancing As The Sun Goes Down" which is not available anywhere else. This whole LP is mixed as one continuous mega-mix track! Go enjoy!

A Night At The Club Megamix LP


The Groove Avengers: A Night At The Club
November 14th 2009 - The Groove Avengers release their 1st single from their new mega-mix LP "A Night At The Club"

The Groove Avengers release their first single from their new LP "A Night At The Club" which is a club mega-mix of the ten tracks from the "A Night On The Town" LP plus two brand new tracks! The first of those two new tracks is released as a single here entitled "Pull Me Closer" with two others from the LP all done in different styles. also included are two brand new tracks "Tempestuous" and "I'm Nothing Without You". To listen and buy the new single click on the following: -

Pull Me Closer

October 1st 2009 - The Groove Avengers release their 2nd LP "A Night On The Town"

"A Night On The Town", is the long-awaited second LP by the The Groove Avengers, It features ten fantastic tracks which cover urban, soul, funk, house, jazz and pop and many other groovy genres in between! You can buy it now from our TGA 2 page, just click below: -

A Night On The Town LP

or you can buy it or download it from CDBaby


The Groove Avengers: A Night On The Town
September 7th 2009 - The Groove Avengers announce the release of "E Is For Eden", their third single from their 2nd LP

"E Is For Eden", is the third single from the forthcoming TGA 2nd LP "A Night On The Town" and is a jazzy pop tune which features five tracks, including two remixes and two brand new tracks not featured on the new LP.

E Is For Eden single              A Night On The Town LP

August 10th 2009 - The Groove Avengers announce the release of their second single from their 2nd LP

"Broken", is the second single from the forthcoming TGA 2nd LP "A Night On The Town" and is an urban r n b tune which has five brand new mixes, none of which feature on the LP.

To play or buy the single go to:-

Broken single              A Night On The Town LP

June 30th 2009 - The Groove Avengers single "A Night On The Town" hits No.3

"A Night On The Town" , the first single from the forthcoming TGA 2nd LP has reached No. 3 at the Soundclick Modern jazz chart today. It is hoped that with a few more plays and downloads it could be their first ever No. 1 there.

click to play: -- Soundclick

June 27th 2009 - The Groove Avengers announce the release of their first single  from their 2nd LP on July 6th

The Groove Avengers will release the first single to be taken from their forthcoming 2nd LP "A Night On The Town" which is in fact the title of the single too! Go to the TGA 4th single page below and also check out the new 2nd LP page with all the information loaded about the new LP which should be release and the end of this Summer. The songs are also loaded on Noisehead and

 A Night On The Town single    A Night On The Town LP

Play the mp3 @ Soundclick    Play the mp3 @ Noisehead

June 3rd 2009 - The Groove Avengers new album is almost completed

The Groove Avengers 2nd album which is likely to be called "A Night On The Town" is virtually recorded now and the band have to choose ten tracks from more than twenty songs that have been written and recorded. A first single is likely to be the lead and title track which will go out in a single edit and club mix format along with four other songs.

The band have also said they will be looking at their third LP straight away with a view to a much quicker follow up than this one (almost two years since The Groove Avengers was released). Whilst they also want to load some tracks here as free downloads, so keep looking out for that!

April 11th 2009 - Christ On A Bike - "Electronic (I Feel So Good) [COAB Remaster Mix]" No.1 on Broadjam Electronic - Acid Chart

Christ On A Bike are celebrating their first ever No.1 on with "Electronic (I Feel So Good)" reaching the top spot on Broadjam's Electronic Acid chart after some marvellous reviews and constant plays. This is a really fabulous piece of news as Broadjam's Top Ten charts are notoriously difficult to get into and the band have had some minor successes in the past reaching the charts there, the highest position being No. 5 with Child's Play back in 2007.  To play the song go to: -


March 28th 2009 - The Groove Avengers "S'All Right" remix for Kester still No.1 on Noisehead!

The Groove Avengers (TGA Horny Mix)  remains at No. 1 on the Noisehead - Electronica chart where it has been around that position for more than a month now! It is fast becoming the most popular electronica track on Noisehead. It is very likely that it will be the first "golden votes" track the Manor Records label has, meaning it has reached 500 votes there, quite a milestone!

If you want to vote for it, go to the front page and play the track and then why not sign up as a member.


March 23rd 2009 - Christ On A Bike release the LP  "Remix The World" Buy now from CDBaby or our own Shopping Page

Christ On A Bike announce the release of the remix LP of "Download The World" appropriately entitled "Remix The World"! The LP is released on Monday March 23rd and is already available to buy or download from CD Baby and by the weekend will also be available on

here's the link to our Shopping Page and also a link to purchase the LP/download from CD Baby!

 Shopping Page   Buy Now

February 23rd 2009 - Christ On A Bike single "Electronic (I Feel So Good)" reaches Top Five on Soundclick and No.1 on Noisehead

"Electronic (I Feel So Good)"  has reached the top five on Soundclick following entering the chart at No.16 then No.11 followed by rising to No.8 on Saturday (21st February) and then it made it to No.5 on Sunday 22nd February. Meanwhile all five remixes on Noisehead have been in the top ten both on the main chart and also on the Electronica chart where they had spells at No.1

  Christ On A Bike - Noisehead     MP3 Player SoundClick

February 20th 2009 - Christ On A Bike announce the first single from the new LP "Remix The World"

The first single to be taken from the collection of remixes by the band and other artists called "Remix The World" will be released on Monday 23rd February. "Electronic (I Feel So Good)" will come in five brand new mixes from COAB and also Australian dance specialist Kester who ha sprovided several remixes of the track, one of which will be on the LP also.

To hear the song or buy it, go to the following pages where it is loaded.

 Shopping Page        Electronic Page      Christ On A Bike - Noisehead

MP3 Player SoundClick    Broadjam

January 26th 2009 - Christ On A Bike/The Groove Avengers/Trancel8r produce more remixes - "S'All Right" by Kester

The band has already collaborated with the Australian dance specialist Kester who agreed to remix the DTW track "Electronic (I Feel So Good)" and the first remix done of the Kester track "S'All Right" was by The Groove Avengers (TGA First Mix) but COAB have completed two remixes, the first "COAB Jazz Hands Remix" is a jazzy house tune and was swiftly followed by an up tempo "COAB Italo House Remix". Trancel8r turned in his remix today also, a very Acid techno waltz as "Trancel8r Phoney Doctor Remix".

The COAB Italo House Remix is loaded on the COAB remixes page, click the link below to go listen to the song.

COAB Remix Work Page.

January 15th 2009 - Christ On A Bike announce "Download" remix album and more LPs to follow this year!

2009 could be a magical year for Christ On A Bike as band after band who have collaborated in one way or another with them has signed up to remix a track from their 7th LP "Download The World" in a surprise turn of events recently. The band had planned to issue a remix single of the title track from DTW but after working with Dragon On The Wagon and then the ever youthful rapper, Faltha Balloon a remix each spawned an idea to remix the whole LP and then when a few contacts were made old friends and new signed up to work their magic on the 7th LP.

What is even more interesting is that acts remixing the band will come from across the world including USA, Ireland, Europe, UK and Australia!! Two new collaborators will be Axisgallery, an internationally known act and DJs who have worked across Europe, USA, South Africa and beyond. An even more interesting one is the marvellously named Kirsty & Kester, who come from Australia and who have already produced a stunning World/New Age version of "Electronic (I Feel So Good)".

However, the band have their usual wonderful collaborators still in mind as US House DJ and all round super-artist Cassandra Allen will be pouring her silky skills over "Waiting" and long time beat de-constructor Dizasteroid steps out of his many other personas from Dublin to re-interpret ""Game Boy (Kiss Me)".

COAB have however not stopped working over the last few months and besides the fact that their 5th LP "Child's Play" has almost sold out now at CDBaby they are looking to produce even more LPs this year, aside the remix LP they have COAB8 and 9 lined up already! The two new LPs will be the commercial follow up to "Download The World" called "We Are Electro" and an instrumental left-field follow up to both "Child's Play and "Adult Games" provisionally tilted "Flix". Busy or what!!!!? Christ On A Bike mean business this year!

January 2nd 2009 - Christ On A Bike No.1 on Noisehead Chart

The band went into the new year with a nice way to leave 2008, "Nonsense" a track from the "Waiting" single was scored up at No.1 on the Overall chart AND the Electronic chart at A great way to see in 2009! There was also high moves for "COAB Part 1" and "Extremer Marinesoldat" which also rose into the Top Ten on the Electronic chart. By the 2nd January "Nonsense" was still at the top of that chart too.

The Dragon on The wagon remixes of "Tiger On The Ice" have also gone down well, with both The Groove Avengers version and both Tranceli8r and COAB remixes featuring in the Top Ten recently.

 Christ On A Bike - Noisehead


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