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COAB Remix Work

Christ On A Bike - Archive News 2008

December 26th 2008 - Another remix - COAB/Dragon On The Wagon collaboration

Christ On A Bike have now turned in their remix of the Dragon On The Wagon LP track "Tiger On The Ice" and you can hear it here (and at Noisehead). To play the track follow either of the links below.

 Christ On A Bike - Noisehead     COAB Remix Work Page.

December 14th 2008 - Another set of remixes - Dragon On The Wagon collaboration

Christ On A Bike have been working with Noisehead artist Dragon On The Wagon in a collaboration which will see the remix by DOTW of "It's Like Maybe, Love" remixed and re-titled as "It's Like Love, Maybe". The song is given an industrial dance workover by the man from Alpha Sygni (?!) . However, the remix is already loaded on at Noisehead and is likely to feature on a remix LP entitled "Remix The World" which COAB plan to put out in the New Year by way of a thank you to those who have supported them.

The band have also been given an opportunity in return to remix the DOTW track "Tiger On The Ice" which they have also passed onto fellow label-mates, The Groove Avengers and Trancel8r. they have both finished a remix each so it's now down to Chris and Holly to deliver a few themselves! So far, DOTW's comments on the TGA remix have been "wow"! You can hear both remixes on Noisehead at their respective band sites, so click below for the Noisehead band links.

Dragon On The Wagon - Noisehead         The Groove Avengers - Noisehead          Trancel8r - Noisehead

December 12th 2008 - COAB Remix Axisgallery

Christ On A Bike were asked to remix a track by Rock/dance outfit Axisgallery who are a duo who have been playing and DJ-ing live since 2004 and have recorded three LPs so far. They hail from the UK and Italy and are fellow Broadjam artistes with COAB. Chris has remixed their song "I Want Your Love" in a gangsta rap/hip-hop style which they really like and want to work further on. To hear the track click on the link below: -

COAB Remix Work Page.

November 10th 2008 - The new LP "Download The World" is officially released!

Here it is at last! the official release of the Christ On A Bike 7th LP "Download The World". This is their 7th LP in just four years and here they produce more fantastic electro pop and smooth ggroovy tunes for us. Go tot he following sites to download or play the songs. or you can buy from our own Shopping page!

Download The World LP   Shopping  Noisehead

CHRIST ON A BIKE: Download the World


November 8th 2008 - The new LP "Download The World" features heavily in the Top rated songs on Noisehead and F3Music!

The Christ On A Bike new LP "Download The World" has at least 9 of its songs featuring in the Top 20 of the latest Electronica pages on Noisehead. To view them all and play them use the link below. On Waiting has it the No.1 spot again in the Synthpop chart there, while "Never Stop" and "Tanz" have been at no. 1 in their respective charts previously (Electronica and Electro). To view use the link below: -

Noisehead  F3music

October 16th 2008 - The new LP "Download The World" is loaded officially at CD Baby

For all those who couldn't wait for the official release of the new Christ On A Bike LP "Download The World", the LP has already been loaded for purchase as a CD or a download mp3 (naturally!). yez indeed, you can buy right now the new LP. twelve fantastic tracks of pure electro gold from this fast emerging band. Their 7th LP in just four years.

Here's the link to the Download The World page plus a link direct to the CD Baby site to listen and buy the LP!

Download The World LP 

CHRIST ON A BIKE: Download the World

October 6th 2008 - Release of 3rd single "Waiting" from the forthcoming LP "Download The World"

Christ On A Bike release their 3rd single from their forthcoming LP "Download The World". "Waiting" is a beautiful electro-ballad featuring soaring vocals for the male/female duo. The main song is an edited version of a five minute track which will feature on the 7th LP, however, the four other tracks are brand new and unreleased. You can play the song and buy the CD from our Shopping Page now!

    Waiting                        Shopping  

You can play the songs at the following sites:-

                       Noisehead    Soundclick    F3music    Broadjam

UPDATE: Further news "Waiting" is now No1 on the Synthpop chart at the F3 internet charts (formerly Funender). Catch the link above:

October 4th 2008 - Christ On A Bike hold down the Top 3 places on Noisehead!!

For most of the day and the evening of October 4th the band had the three most Top rated Electronica songs on Noisehead. With the latest track "Understand (Alternate Version)" holding top spot, "Tanz" in 2nd place and 1st single track "Das Groove" all well placed. Its unlikely to stay that way as this chart is very fluid but nonetheless its really good news! Check it out below.


September 15th 2008 -  "Never Stop" is now No.7 on!! UPDATED!!!!!!!

"Never Stop"  has made it to No. 7 on the Acid chart at Soundclick, if you want to help get it further up the charts, please play or even download the song for FREE at the following link: -


September 13th 2008 -  "Never Stop" makes the TOP 10 on!!

Christ On A Bike's new single "Never Stop"  has made it into the Top 10 on the Acid chart at Soundclick. This is no mean feat as the chart is more than 150 songs in its entirety so is a great achievement to the popularity of the second single from the the future LP "Download The World".

To help out, use the link below and play or download the song for FREE as many times as you can!

   Never Stop     Soundclick   

September 8th 2008 - Release of 2nd single "Never Stop" from the forthcoming LP "Download The World"

COAB release their 2nd single from their forthcoming LP "Download The World". "Never Stop" is a fast-paced bit of electro pop and comes with a further four different mixes which range from old 80's electronics through guitar rock and house to even Chris singing on the final version, which is a paen to his local five a side team that lost recently but only on penalties! click on the page or the picture to go listen to the song and you can buy the track from the following places below.

  Never Stop 

The songs have already be loaded in full at Noisehead and at Soundclick  as well as all the songs will feature on COAB's MySpace site. To hear Tanz go to the Tanz singles page and you can buy the CD direst here on our shopping page for just 2.99 includin

  Shopping        Noisehead      Soundclick        Broadjam


August 7th 2008 -  New song added to the Downloads section for FREE download

A new song has been added to the Downloads section entitled "Understand". This track will be part of the five tracks released as the third single from the new LP Download The World although the song will be in an alternate version to the track in our downloads section. So try the song out and then download it for free using the following link: -


August 4th 2008 -  "Tanz" makes it to the Top Ten on Broadjam with rave reviews!

Tanz"  has hit the Top 10 on Broadjam's Electronic - Electronica Chart. This is especially fantastic as this has come from the reviews by other artists who have given the song a "thumbs up" generally, enough of course for it to reach No.10 this week. Go help by calling it at our page on broadjam and playing the song!


July 28th 2008 -  "Tanz" hits No.17 on the Soundclick Euro chart and further track success from this new single

Tanz"  has hit the Top 20 on the Soundclick Euro Chart in its first few days on the site. Whilst on Noisehead, "Extremer Marinesoldat" was chosen as a Top 3 track for artist Dragon On The Wagon was also No. 6 most played last week (w/b 21/7/08). "Das Groove" also picked up some plaudits from other notable artists there.

July 21st 2008 - Release of 1st single "Tanz" on July 25th from the forthcoming LP "Download The World"

COAB release their 1st single from their forthcoming LP "Download The World". "Tanz" is German for dance (as if you didn't know) and in the same vain, the rest of the three new songs (there is a full version of Tanz as well) make up the five track CD are also created in a Germanic style. "Das Groove", "Haus Des Schwindler" and "Extremer Marinesoldat" are songs with a similar electro format to the main song and are in a way a homage to Kraftwerk and other of the 70's Krautrock  and electronic genre.

The songs have already be loaded in full at Noisehead and at Soundclick  as well as all the songs will feature on COAB's MySpace site. To hear Tanz go to the Tanz singles page and you can buy the CD direst here on our shopping page for just 2.99 including p & p.

Tanz          Shopping        Noisehead      Soundclick

July 3rd 2008 - Christ On A Bike's 7th LP  "Download The World" is added as a new page and further exciting news!

It has been nearly 18 months since COAB last hit the airwaves but now having confirmed that their new LP, their 7th in just 4 years, will be entitled "Download The World", the LP page is now added here for you to catch up on the tracks and other news. Chris is still working on mixes and also further tracks which will feature on the singles that the band is planning to release practically every month. Two songs have been added for you to listen to on the Download The World page. Check them out now.

However, there is also some other exciting news. The band have already enough songs to progress through to another LP, so just like last year's Childs Play and Adult Games duo LPs COAB will have two LPs out in quick succession. Their 8th LP is at this moment provisionally entitled "We Are Electro" and has several songs listed with more being worked on right now and the band are looking at the beginning of 2009 of a release date.

They have also been toying with the idea of a "greatest hits" collection which they now believe they would look to issuing sometime next year, whilst at the same time releasing archive material never released before plus, fresh mixes of old songs and even a possible mega mix collection of dance favourites! Well it's been nearly18 months but surely it is well worth the wait!!!

Check out the page, new streamed songs and the track listing at: -                Download The World

June 23rd 2008 - TRANCEL8R's new single "Giving The Dog A Bone (Single Mix)" hits the Top Five!!!!

The new single release from Trancel8r is Giving The Dog A Bone (Single Mix) as hit the top five over the weekend on the Soundclick Electronic-Indietronic chart. This is a great acheivement for the new Manor Records signing as this is the equal highest position a single from the label has reached on these charts.

To play and download for FREE the single go to: -


June 20th 2008 - TRANCEL8R's new single "Giving The Dog A Bone (Single Mix)" - Released June 23rd

The new single release from Trancel8r is Giving The Dog A Bone (Single Mix) which is a remix of the track taken from the Trancel8r LP. Play it and download for FREE also at: -


You can play and even download this song for FREE from our Trancel8r page. Just click below


May 27th 2008 - TRANCEL8R's 1st LP is released!!

The first LP here is full of both techno and trance songs with a good deal of deep house and high energy bass layered on top. Even the first three singles which are represented here in different formats have a smattering of pop sensibility that made them so popular on Internet charts like Funender, Soundclick and Noisehead.


May 5th 2008 - TRANCEL8R's single "Back From The Old School" - Reaches No.11 on The Electronica -Acid Chart at Soundclick.

The new single release from Trancel8r is "Back From The Old School" has made into the Electronica - Acid Chart at No. 11 on Soundclick whilst interest in Trancel8r has also meant that "Let Me Be" went up to No.7 on the same chart.

You can play and even download the original version for FREE from Soundclick at the following address:-


April 25th 2008 - TRANCEL8R releases his new single "Back from The Old School (Long Version)" - Download it for FREE on his Trancel8r Page

The new single release from Trancel8r is "Back From The Old School" which is issued in its full length version (the shorter version will feature on the new LP). This cool piece of retro Acid/techno music will be the lead track on the first Tracnel8r LP which will be released towards the end of May 08.

You can download this track for FREE! Just click on the link below to go to the Trancel8r page and check out what else is available to play or download for free!


April 24th 2008 - Christ On A Bike working hard on their 7th LP provisionally entitled "Download The World"

Although we have seen The Groove Avengers make a big impression with their first LP last year and now we have Trancel8r rocking the dance floors with his up and coming new LP, what has the COAB twosome being doing?

Well, the band have been working hard at their Purfleet studios on remixes for other people (see our Remixes page) as well as recording new material throughout 07 and 08 for their 7th LP in just four years! At present one of the new songs "Download The World" is being slated as the title for the new LP which will feature the band going back to their electro pop roots with some hard pop/dance sounds and even more fresh beats this time around. There are also some stunning dance songs being cooked up and a plethora of silky commercial pop tunes including, just as importantly, a couple of pop ballads which will make you nod your head from side to side like a Cliff Richard Xmas hit and burst into highly emotional tears! But all done to much better musical content, mind!!

So far, Chris who is the main writer for the LP reckons the LP will be out in the Autumn (or the Fall for our Yankie friends!). Keep an eye and ear out for some playable tracks being added to our Downloads Page in the up and coming future and announcements of the first single. Trust us, there is going to be so many possible singles it will be difficult to choose!

March 24th 2008 - TRANCEL8R's new single "Let Me Be" reaches Top Ten of Soundclick Chart

"Let Me Be" has reached No. 9 on the Electronica - Acid chart. To play or download the song for FREE use the link below.


March 20th 2008 - TRANCEL8R releases his new single "Let Me Be" - Download it for FREE on his Trancel8r Page

Trancel8r releases his second single today which is currently loaded on the Happy Hardcore chart at Funender, "Let Me Be" is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD ONLY and can be played or downloaded by clicking through to the Trancel8r page below. You can also play it and download the song on Soundclick, using the link below.

Soundclick  TRANCEL8R     Funender - Happy Hardcore 


February 13th 2008 - TRANCEL8R has two No1's on Funender and a Top Ten hit on Soundclick!!

Trancel8r had his first No 1 today and then followed with a second on the same day on two different charts! On the Tech House chart his first song "Giving The Dog A Bone" was straight up to No.1, whilst this was followed on the Happy Hardcore chart with "Let Me Be" also reaching the top spot. And further good news was to follow with his first single "You Can Feel Alive" reaching No.10 on the Happy Hardcore chart at Soundclick and is also at No.3 on the Funender - Hard House chart. To here and download for free!!!! Use the following links!

Funender - Tech House   Funender - Happy Hardcore    Soundclick - happy hardcore chart

February 9th 2008 - Manor Records announce their new signing Techno/Trance freak - TRANCEL8R!!!

Manor Records announced they are to release the works of an exciting new talent in the music industry with Trancel8r (which is pronounced "trance-lator").

This guy comes from Kent, UK and loves techno, trance and deep house music and enjoys creating his new soundscapes in the way that Christ On a Bike have always done, with a mixture of catchy dance and pop melodic tunes and a hint of experimentation and left-field influences. we hope you will enjoy his new single releases which we are going to issue here as FREE DOWNLOADS before he publishes his brand new LP in the Summer. Good luck to TRANCEL8R we know you are going to love him!!!! Check out his first single "You Can Feel Alive" and other songs out now on his page below: -


February 7th 2008 - The Groove Avengers hit No.1 on "Lounge Pop" chart with "I Love The Jam"

"I Love The Jam"  has reached No.1 on the "Lounge Pop" chart which makes it a hat-trick for the band's three singles as "Rock, Rock, Rock" reached No. 1 in December not long after "Bounce (Drop The Beat)" did as well. This is a marvellous success for the band especially as they were totally unknown back in October 2007 upon the release of their first single. To check out the current chart placings go to Fundender via the link below and look for the Daily Charts of "Lounge Pop", "Groove" and "Breaks".

Funender-Lounge Pop

January 19th 2008 - The Groove Avengers have Top Ten chart success with the remixes of "I Love The Jam"

The Groove Avengers' third single "I Love The Jam"  has reached No.7 on the Soundclick Lounge Jazz section, a fantastic success for a band who were totally unknown six months ago. Plus at present they are also No. 2 on the Noisehead Jazz chart having been at No.1 for a few days and have already racked up nearly 200 plays since the single release on 14th January. The band are also No.2 on the Jazz Buzz chart there and have had some very favourable replies from fellow Noisehead artistes.

If you'd like to hear the songs and play The Groove Avengers tracks use the following links: -

Noisehead      Soundclick

January 14th 2008 - The Groove Avengers 3rd single "I Love The Jam" in 6 new mixes to be released

The Groove Avengers release their third single "I Love The Jam"  on 14th January 08. New remixes by Cassandra Allen, Dizasteroid and Christ On A Bike have already been produced with the band also producing two remixes for the full 6 track single.

To purchase the single go to the The Groove Avengers Single 3 page click on the link below: -

The Groove Avengers Single 3      


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