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CHRIST ON A BIKE: Remix the World

C O A B Discography

Seventh LP: Remix The World    Release Date: 23rd March 2009

Singles: 1) Electronic (I Feel So Good) [COAB Remaster Mix] (3:35)

               2) tba

Track List:

  1. Tanz (Asensory All Audio Remix) (7.16)

  2. Electronic (I Feel So Good) [Kester Oz Remix] (3:35)

  3. Download The World (COAB Synthetic Remix) (5:10)

  4. This Night (The Groove Avengers 2009 Remix) (5:12)

  5. It's Like Maybe, Love (Dragon On The Wagon Winter Remix) (5:39)

  6. Never Stop (Trancel8r 5-A-Side Remix) (4:07)

  7. Game Boy (Kiss Me) (Dizasteroid Clappers Remix) (3:10)

  8. Body Music (Axisgallery Heavy Remix) (4:32)

  9. Waiting (Cassandra Allen Hard Love Remix) (5:07)

  10. The Glamour Beat (Faltha Balloon Vocal Mix) (3:06)

  11. C.O.A.B. (Part 3) (5:07)


Songwriter: 1-11 Chris Sakes

Background to LP

This is the remix LP of all the tracks from the "Download The World" by artists from around the world who have at one time or another been involved with COAB and are still in collaboration from the wonderful US house DJ Cassandra Allen from 2006 right through to Australian dance specialist Kester in 2009. Friends and fellow sonic experimenters! To hear the remixes which COAB have recorded for them go to the following page link: - COAB Remix Work page

1) Tanz (Asensory All Audio Remix) Asensory is the nome deplume of Nels Brown who comes from Los Angeles, California and he hooked up with the band back in 2006 when a request to remix his song " A Scrim Of Cloud" was agreed and Chris furnished him with two versions. Here, Nels worked solidly on this for several weeks and has produced a total remake but in the same style as the original e.g. a Krautrock throwback to German bands like Kraftwerk, Neu and Cluster.

2) Electronic (I Feel So Good) [Kester Oz remix] having hooked up through during 2007 it was almost 18 months before Kester contacted the band about remixing their track "S'All Right". In return Kester worked wonders with this new age/left-field re-working of Electronic. he actually supplied almost six different versions, this is the second and longer version he supplied.

3) Download The World (COAB Synthetic Remix) This remix done by the band was intended to be released as the longer remix on a single from the "Download The World". This version is an extended and re-Eq'd track with fuller bass and drums and some additional synth lines.

4) This Night (The Groove Avengers 2009 Remix) Being handed over to label-mates TGA, this version has a fair number of samples removed and a much more urban air handed it so that it kicks with a vibrant rap-style nonchalance. At one time this song was to have been a single and there is a possibility this may be released in a different format later.

5) It's Like Maybe, Love (Dragon On The Wagon Winter Remix) Slam from DOTW corresponded with Chris when they joined to release their songs there. Both agreed they liked each other's band name and a mutual remix was on the cards, but that was February 2008! A full eleven months later, it finally happened. All three Manor Records band remixed Dragon On The Wagon's "Tiger On The Ice" with successful tracks being popular on Noisehead and the COAB remix can be found at COAB Remix Work page. In return here is Slam's gothic pop-cum-techno version of this song which was re-titled on Noisehead as "It's Like Love, Maybe".

6) Never Stop (Trancel8r 5-A-Side Remix) This is a bit of a cheat by Trancel8r as he stole the single version done by Chris of this song called the "KP's Nuts Remix" and stripped off Chris' vocals (oh dear!) and then threw in some trancey techno arpeggio synths and a hardcore kick drum and away we go with the glo-sticks!

7) Game Boy (Kiss Me) (Dizasteroid Clappers Remix) An old friend of COAB who has remixed the band several times and never lets us down on quality, this is Ken Drakeford of DZ or Dizasteroid! This in fact was the final remix which completed the list and considering it has taken only three months to compile this LP, that's good going. As usual, Ken ups the happy clapping to refresh this song completely.

8) Body Music (Axisgallery Heavy Remix) This was always intended as a single and Chris is still tempted to do a vocal version of this song as single (watch out!). Here Axisgallery, a band/DJs who have toured US, Europe and South Africa with a troupe of pole dancers as a back up, reply to COAB's previous remix of their song "I Want Your Love". This version is a straight play-over of the original with blended heavy beats and guitar riffing.

9) Waiting (Cassandra Allen Hard Love Remix) Cassandra has been working with COAB for nearly three years now and the band are extremely proud of their connection with this fine lady of sonic delights. Ms Allen works her charm on this beautiful song to produce arguably her best remix for the band with a version that is soulful to the extreme.

10) The Glamour Beat (Faitha Balloon Vocal Mix) With some extra frog horns and cricket samples Mr Balloon still in his teens produces a rap of glorious rapture capturing the purpose of this song which was written with the modelling catwalk in mind and he doesn't miss a trick. Superb urban slicing of this electronic song in his its original short form of just three minutes.

11) C.O.A.B. (Part 3) This the longer COAB version that mixes up the sounds of Game Boy and Download The World before running the gambit of electro to the end, with Chris chanting the bands name still but throwing in shapes of new sonics here and there in this altered touch up of C.O.A.B. parts one and two.

The cover is of the earth in map form.


CHRIST ON A BIKE: Remix the World


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CHRIST ON A BIKE: Download the World


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