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C O A B Discography

Second LP: Me, You & Jesus 2      Release Date: 14th November 2004


  1. Baby’s Pickup
  2. Can You Feel It?
  3. Miss Black Alabama/Searching For Miss Black Alabama
  4. That Way Inclined

Track List:

  1. 7th Heaven
  2. Baby’s Pickup
  3. Double Dare
  4. Your Sweet Return
  5. That Way Inclined (Parts 1 & 2)
  6. Nocturne
  7. Disco! Sexy Baby! Hot! (Can You Feel It?)
  8. Funky Beat
  9. I Knew I’d Fall In Love Again
  10. Miss Black Alabama Invites You
  11. Back From Outer Space
  12. The Road To Heaven

Songwriters: Holly Ghast & Chris Sakes

Band Members: Holly Ghast & Chris Sakes

Background to LP

Just six months after their first LP, the band become an instant duo shrugging off the pretence of the band being a four piece by dropping the imaginary duo of  Sonny O'Father and Trinity Rocks.

The focus for this LP was far more open, they had progressed from using older software into using the latest version of Acid Pro (V4), now they could strike out as a “proper band” recording longer more mature pieces but still in the same dance/electronica style.

The samples they were using didn’t just come from Sonic Foundry, they had a variety of loops and sounds from various places. This meant that Chris could now start to utilise all the Acid Pro tricks he had learnt from Holly. So during May he began putting together better recordings of his own.

Holly on the other hand, had started a full time position at a gym and C O A B was no longer the interesting side project, it was a bit of a nuisance with Chris prompting her for more of her own stuff.

In the end, only three of Holly’s songs, Double Dare, Nocturne and Disco! Sexy Baby! Hot!! (Can You Feel It?) made it onto the LP with her song-writing credit. In fact the version of Disco.. was released as a single in several different versions, either re-produced or remixed as Can You Feel It? by Chris and credited to both. 

However, Holly had put together a twenty strong collection of new songs just after the 1st LP. These were handed to Chris to use for the 2nd LP or at least to play with, as many of them were either not really long enough or required a bit more work. Chris set about taking the best ones and incorporating them into different songs which would be credited as co-written pieces

One of the best collaborations was the first single by C O A B, Baby’s Pickup. This song was released as a straight edit with two extra tracks not on the LP. This was probably the best song from Holly’s CD but just needed something extra which Chris added.

Chris then produced a flurry of songs on his own. He became so productive that at the time that the LP was being put together, Holly had supplied six songs of her own and Chris had thirty-one, either jointly or on his own!

Five of his songs appeared on the LP, and they were all different in their style, from the smooth melody of I Knew I'd Fall In Love Again, through the trance-like That Way Inclined to his favourite Miss Black Alabama Invites You.

The band then released a single practically every two months until eventually their fourth single heralded the arrival of the 2nd LP in November 2004.


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