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C O A B Discography

Sixth LP: Adult Games    Release Date: 14th May 2007

Singles: none

Track List:

  1. Prison Break (3:15)

  2. Don't Give Up On The Chance Of Freedom (4:18)

  3. Are You Most Haunted  (3:52)

  4. Jarhead (2:48)

  5. Lost In Their Jungle (6:58)

  6. Point 1 - 2 - 9 (2:32)

  1. Deep Saw  (4:48)

  2. Ignorance Is Bliss (3:03)

  3. When The East Is Won (3:20)

  4. They Didn't Want To Come (3:12)

  5. Rock n Roll! Phew!! (3:51)

  6. Another Day On The Yorkshire Moors (5:36)


Songwriter: 1-12 Chris Sakes

Background to LP

Christ On A Bike's twin LPs of instrumental and left-field tracks started with the innocence and simplicity of "Child's Play" and now is complete with this further collection of adult-themed songs in a more panoramic style, many of which almost made it on to their more commercial albums, such is the high quality here. This is "Adult Games".

Prison Break kicks things off with some sampled voices and a paen to the joys of crime and punishment, capturing that mood of things to come in this adult world of ours. Don't Give Up On The Chance Of Freedom comes up next, a song all about an Australian actor living in America who plays a Scottish cult hero!! Actually, no it's about William Wallace and his "braveheart" although there is a lot more to his real story than the film depicts. Nice try, Mel!

Are You Most Haunted? is one of the most recently recorded pieces. Its start came from the echoing backing track that is very reminiscent of the Living TV's biggest show, the ghost hunting "Most Haunted" with its wonderfully flamboyant psychic Derek Acorah and screaming presenter Yvette Fielding. Sadly, Derek was proved a fake after the fifth series and no longer turns up on the show but you have to admire his fantastic acting skills! This is a slower version of the single release recently on "Running For The Good Life".

Jarhead is a completely altered version of the song we had given away as a demo version here on the Downloads page called "Soldier, Soldier". This time the song is embellished with the mighty sound bytes from George W Bush! War in Iran, anyone? Lost In Their Jungle is the fifth song here. An early stab at drum n bass which has a sound close to intelligent d n b of the mid-90's (" thirty seconds to comply" springs to mind). this is about exploitation of wild animals in the jungle especially the elephants whose possible extinction man has only just started to draw back from the brink.

Point 1 - 2 - 9 will definitely baffle people (as will the map that shows it albeit real small on the sleeve!). It's a sentimental instrumental about the courage of the British soldiers in the WWII campaign in Tunisia who took a hill known as Point 129 that stopped the Axis forces from breaking through at the famous battle at Kasserine Pass which almost destroyed the Allies plan to remove them from Africa. Deep Saw is also a give away download track that's has been here for some time and is a techno/d n b mash up based around the awesomely gruesome tri-horror series of "SAW". How cool it would be for this to appear on the soundtrack of Saw 4?!

Ignorance Is Bliss has some pained vocals to it but is really more about the plight of those vagrants and down-and-outs we choose to ignore living rough on our streets each day. The actual voice I think is talking more about regret but it kinda works! When The East Is Won is another political song with elements of eastern influence rather like the "So Bazaar" track from the "Child's Play" single. They Didn't Want To Come is an ode to the Columbine Massacre in the US and has now become highly topical with the sad shootings at Virginia Tech recently. The sound bytes come from actual girls who attended the school and survived. The two boys were apparently always truant but no one suspected that they would become the "gun nuts" that America seems to find it so difficult to prevent with it's unrestricted gun laws. This is a potential commercial single though.

Rock n Roll! Phew!! sees COAB rock out!! We've never really attempted a heavy rock song and this seemed like such an obvious nod to the days of the mid-80's and the "poodle rock" bands you had back then! The title comes from a quote taken from a 70's American documentary on rock which was hosted by the actor Beau Bridges who made a very lame quote by brushing his forehead in mock sweat after hearing some really awful rock guitar dirge announcing "Rock n Roll!! Phew!!!"

Finally we end with the most atmospheric song on the LP and the saddest, Another Day On The Yorkshire Moors. This piece of ambient aural beauty is only spoiled by the notion that on the Yorkshire Moors so many children lost their lives to the infamous Moors Murders, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. A few of their innocent victims have never been located.

Adult Games is depicted with the stocking glad woman but in sharp contrast there's the city skyline showing the might of the city (man against woman perhaps?).


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